Welcome to the world of Holger von Both – a passionate adventurer, scuba diver, and underwater photographer based in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland.

Passion for underwater worlds

Holger’s journey into the depths of the underwater realm began over two decades ago. What started as a curiosity for open water diving soon evolved into a profound exploration of technical and cave diving. His insatiable curiosity and thirst for discovery have led him to explore the hidden wonders of underwater caves, mines, and wrecks around the world.

As a skilled technical diver and photographer, Holger has unlocked exclusive access to the mesmerizing beauty of underwater wonderlands. His lens captures the mysterious depths, focusing on intricate underground passages and the unique challenges posed by restrictions in these concealed environments. Holger’s passion extends to the art of mapping both dry and water-filled caves. Furthermore this adds a layer of exploration to his already diverse underwater pursuits.

Diving into darkness, Holger seeks to unveil the captivating beauty of concealed places. The result is a collection of breathtaking underwater images that showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes found beneath the surface. Explore the depths of diving locations in Mexico, Hungary, France, Germany, and Italy through his lens. Consequently, each image telling a story of exploration and admiration for the underwater world.

Commitment to craftsmanship of natural products

Beyond Holger’s love for the underwater world, his interests also extend to the craftsmanship of high-quality natural products. Additionally, this passion has led him to produce traditional cold process soaps. Each soap is a testament to his dedication to quality and authenticity. For those eager to learn more, discover the fascinating history, intricate production processes, and unique properties of his handmade soap variants at www.hexenwegle.de.

Business focus

In the dynamic business realm, Holger channels his enthusiasm into cutting-edge sensor technology. Specifically, his focus revolves around the companies STS and PMC-STS. Leveraging his extensive expertise, he excels in the development and seamless implementation of process sensors for diverse applications. This dedication extends to catering to industries and markets on a global scale.

Feel free to explore the captivating journey of Holger von Both. A man whose love for the underwater world, commitment to craftsmanship, and technological acumen come together. Whether you’re an avid diver, photography enthusiast, or someone seeking a glimpse into the world beneath the waves, you’re invited to dive into Holger’s world and share in his passion for exploration and discovery.

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